ICI's Search Firm Approach
As a search firm, ICI takes pride in providing a higher level of service to our client companies by hand-selecting candidates for each position through extensive grass-roots searches. Our primary focus on the needs of our clients dramatically decreases the volume of candidates to bring through the hiring process and significantly increases a company's chances of hiring the top candidates without having to go through an inconvenient bidding process and risk losing an ideal hire.

Through collaborative professional relationships with our clients and a comprehensive knowledge of their hiring goals, ICI communicates their respective technologies and professional atmosphere to potential candidates with clarity and precision. ICI works on a combination of retained, exclusive, and contingency projects to provide our clients with software professionals who are the elite in their field.

Our Candidates
With our extensive, proprietary database of professional profiles, ICI doesn't limit client searches to the best available candidates currently on the market, but rather specializes in identifying the elite talent in the field. Our rigorous pre-screening process goes beyond merely matching skill-sets with position specifications. We engage our candidates in a broader discussion of their professional aspirations and career path as it relates to our clients' technological vision and corporate culture.

At ICI, we believe less is better in terms of showing our clients relevant candidates. You will not see a tidal wave of resumes each week; what you will see are those select candidates you want to hire.